Monk Tee


It is called an “Alms round” which is a Buddhist monk’s duty to come out in the morning to meet, greet and bless his neighbors since the time of the Buddha some 2560 years ago. The monk makes an alms round to show humility and detachment from worldly goods. He walks slowly and with purpose and only stops if he is called.

The monk also carries a bowl just in case some of his neighbors may want to offer him food. Food offering is one of a popular type of giving adding compassion to the givers themselves and also assist the monks so they do not need to support themselves as they have renounced all worldly possessions upon entering the monkhood. In return, the monks bless them a long and fruitful life and also guide them to develop a rightful view and understanding of life.

As a Buddhist monk, Phra Sirithacho or popularly called “Monk Tee” will go out and make alms rounds early in the morning in the surrounding neighborhood from Monday-Friday. He has a few routes to walk for his alms rounds to ensure he covers as much of the area as possible. He welcomes all morning walk lovers and others to stop, meet, greet and talk.

Monk Tee resides at Wat Punyawanaram
Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center 
 4490 Aurora Road, Melbourne, FL 32934
Phone (321) 255-1465